akDLN Site Gets a New Look

The akDLN (Alaska Distance Learning Network) website has a new look. It continues to describe services and provide a gateway to the learning management system, where courses reside.

Tell us what you think! We would like to hear what works and what needs improvement. See the Contact page to respond.

akDLN Upgrades to Moodle 3.0+

Moodle 3.2 dot

Moodle, the software platform, is now 3.0+ and offers more features. Moodle is used worldwide by over 90 million users. Want to read a review published August 2016 in PC Magazine? http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2486973,00.asp

Here is a quick video of its new features: https://youtu.be/vVpPxCPoWMA?list=PLxcO_MFWQBDfrcwIG_jYHr7BrOLD-fPL4

Distance Learning Awareness Week

NDLAW banner

Distance Learning gets its own week this November 7 -11. According to the Sloan Consortium, the number of distance learning participants continues to grow, with increased recorded each year for the last three. Why? Because learners can participate from anywhere, at any time. They do not need to travel, or be present at time and place for a classroom lecture. Moreover, best practices in distance learning directs the development of INTERACTIVE learning, replacing the dull page-turner online courses of yesterday. Now, learners can practice with new information & skills, thereby increasing chances that a change in cognition & behavior will take place. Only then is the investment in training worthwhile.

The United States Distance Learning Association sponsors
National Distance Learning Week. At their site, enroll in webinars to learn more about this form of education & training. Then return here, entering the Alaska Distance Learning Network, to explore a shared source for adult learning sponsored by various companies dedicated to keeping workforce knowledge & skills current.

akDLN Again Featured Internationally!

akDLN Featured Outside! (again!)
The akDLN participated in the first International iMoot (distance delivered conference reaching countries around the globe) in 2010 and has been involved annually since then. For 2015, two presentations featuring Alaska distance learning are scheduled! The akDLN's experience in LCMS services for the workplace, especially nonprofits and small businesses, offers a model in home schooling and in business settings that are constrained by size and time/money to invest.

Watch for more as the iMoot 2015 unfolds!


Gamification -

the word is everywhere. Training. Marketing. Customer loyalty programs. Face Book. LinkedIn. What is it, exactly?
Defined in the 1980’s, gamification examines motivation, learning, and performance from the standpoint of positive encouragement and reqard. It is a way of rewarding the desired behaviors - badges, leaderboards, points and similar symbols are often thought of as the hallmark of games - but what about table top exercises, role plays, war games, and other forms of interactive learning? These are also in the realm of gamification. We see it as a formalized framework for experiential learning. Just look it up on YouTube to see how much research has been done, and how the field is coalescing.

And in distance learning…this may be the missing piece for engaging the learner!

The Flipped Classroom - an akDLN

The Flipped Classroom - have you tried it? A training idea that can be used in the classroom AND in the workplace training room. Learn more about this and see how it might benefit you to use distance learning technologies WITH your live sessions!

Leadership Anchorage

Leadership Anchorage logo

Leadership Anchorage Community Site
The 2009/2010 class of Leadership Anchorage inaugurated their 'community of interest' or collaboration site in the Alaska Distance Learning Network as of November 2009. This was the second cohort to use virtual tools to enhance their training and community service project development. Communities of interest enable a group to organize resources, integrate productivity tools, and enhance communications 24/7 in a safe environment.